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Hey there! I’m Hammad creator of pingpongpaddlereview.com. You clearly came to this page because you want to know more about me. Thanks!

The story begins ages ago when I was still just a wee child. My dad asked me and my older brother what we wanted to furnish the game room with first. Naturally, I excitedly shouted “A foosball table!”.

But my brother wanted a ping pong table to play with his friends, and dad thought it would be fun for the whole family too, so I was outvoted.

I sulked for a while, but once we actually picked it up, put it together, and set it up to play I…still needed some coaxing from dad to give it a fair shot. It was hard, But there was something about it. Every time my brother challenged me I just couldn’t pass it up.

So I got better. And better. And even better until I could beat my brother a solid third of the time. Hey, he was four years older than me, he’d had more practice. It’s a good win rate.

When I got to middle school I joined a ping pong club. Well, “table tennis league”, but we never really thought of it in terms of competition. Or as table tennis, really. I had a lot of fun, and even went on to a few state tournaments, but fell off of it as I hit high school.

In college though, I was really hurting for a community, so when there was an actual ping pong club there, I jumped at the chance to join. I made a lot of friends, play a lot of ping pong, and got even better.

I never played competitively again, but to this day ping pong remains my main hobby. I do other stuff, sure, but I always make sure to work in a few games any time my friends meet up. And I like making sure I have the best equipment I can afford at any given time. Just because I don’t play in tournaments doesn’t mean I can’t have tournament level gear, right? Especially since some of my friends are really good, so it’s just as intense as any tournament when we get together.

I started Pingpongpaddlereview.com almost on a whim. Some of my friends were planning to start up a local league and wanted advice on the best tables and paddles to buy for everyone since I always had all the best stuff. I got to thinking about it and realized there wasn’t really a single right answer I knew off the top of my head. So I realized I could educate my friends and make a website to help people in a similar boat as them at the same time, and started Ping Pong paddle’s review

Now I’ve expanded to covering other game tables, paddles, and similar stuff but I never forgot the core ping pong focused reasons behind starting the site. Hopefully, it helps some of you out there really get into the sport and up your game!

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