Top 5 Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin to Advance Your Game

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Here are the best ping pong paddles for spin tried and tested. I loved them and so do you.

I spent a whole week getting these paddles available and tested them playing for hours for you. 

To survive in the modern game of table tennis, players need a good amount of spin on shots. Flat shots are only going to get a person so far, and it is just tougher to keep the ball in play without some topspin on groundstrokes.

Creating spin comes down to a player a lot of times, but some racquets help create more than others.

If you are in a rush and quickly want to buy a paddle here is our top pick for the best ping pong paddle for a spin:

best ping pong paddle for spin

One needs to use a specific strategy to win the game but, if the paddle isn’t good enough, then the strategy won’t save you from losing. If you think that you are using the right strategy but still aren’t able to notice any improvements in your game, Then you might not be using the right paddle.

There are certain factors to look at when choosing the right paddle for your playing style.

        1 SPIN

        2 SPEED

        3 CONTROL

Starting from the paddle in general, explaining the layering and materials used in the blade and the rubber, we have got it all covered for you. Our reviews include all the points one shall focus on before buying the paddle. To make it simpler for you, we have mentioned a few of the best quality paddles out there in the market, ready to be delivered at your doorstep. After going through this article, you will know for sure that what is your requirements and which paddle is right for you.


Top 5 Best Ping Pong Paddles For Spin

1. BUTTERFLY Balsa Carbo x5

Balsa Carbo X5

The butterfly is a brand known for manufacturing amazing table tennis equipment. The quality of its products is up to the mark. If you are a beginner-level table tennis player and want to upgrade yourself to the intermediate or advanced level then this is exactly where you need to be.

This butterfly Pro-Line Professional table tennis racket is assembled by hand in the US ensuring excellent quality and nice visual appeal. The paddle is ITTF approved which means you can use it in professional table tennis tournaments. The paddle is delivered in a charcoal black box which prevents the paddle from breakage if any pressure is applied to it during the delivery.

The Blade:

The paddle has a Balsa Carbo X5 Carbon Blade. The core is made up of balsa which makes sure it is lightweight and easier to carry. The Carbo X5 has 2 plies of carbon and three layers of balsa wood in the blade that allows the player to hit the ball with a lot of power making the opponent surprised. The overall weight of the blade is approximately 80 grams. Furthermore, the paddle is designed for shots that are either closer to the table or are mid-shots.

The Rubbers:

The balsa carbo x5 uses top-of-the-line Tenergy 80 fx rubbers, which is designed in a way that produces the maximum speed and spin. The rubber has a sponge of 2.1 mm thick which ensures you have an incredible spin and excellent speed. The inner layer has FX which is a soft sponge and ensures the user to have complete control over the ball.


  • spin=100
  • speed=100
  • control=90
  • weight=7.2 OUNCES
  • handle size=100×25 mm

This lightweight table tennis racket is designed specifically for aggressive players who want to take advantage of spin and speed giving them more chances to win the game. Also, it is delivered assembled which means you don’t need to worry about assembling it in the right manner.

Price and Warranty:

To make the product last longer you need to clean it thoroughly after every use and keep it safe in the box or racket case. The price of the paddle is a bit on the higher side but, it justifies the quality of the paddle.

  • ITTF Approved
  • Light Weight
  • More Spin and Speed
  • Professional paddle
  • A pre-made hand-assembled table tennis racket in the US.
  • Difficult to Control for Beginners
  • Little bit pricey

2. STIGA Pro Carbon Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin

Stiga Pro Carbon

The Pro Carbon tennis racket is one of the best tennis products launched by Stiga. The company is known for manufacturing amazing quality sports products. The table tennis tables and table tennis blades are one of the most well know and best-selling products that are carefully crafted in Sweden.

Stiga pro carbon racket is ITTF approved for tournament play. This racket comes in nice packaging in which you can store it later on after every use. If you are an intermediate player and want to become a professional then this racket is the best match for you!

The Blade:

This Pro Carbon racket has a very sleek and well-designed blade. It has a concave pro handle which allows the player to have a firm grip. The paddle has a 7 Ply blade with 2 layers of Carbon and five layers of balsa wood. Balsa makes it super light and provides a hollow feeling whereas the layers of carbon allow you to shoot the ball at a high speed allowing you to experience a professional game. Also, there is a shock dispersion tube whose main function is to absorb the energy and transfer that energy to the ball so that it is shot with maximum speed and spin. 

The Rubbers:

 The paddle has Stiga S5 rubbers which is an extremely good quality they give your paddle the perfect amount of spin and speed. Also, make sure you have had enough control over it. The rubbers are further aligned with a 2mm layer of sponge which allows you to play a game closer as well as a little far from the table. The cherry on top, the rubbers can be replaced as well!


  • Spin = 100
  • Speed = 99
  • Control = 80
  • Weight = 7.2 OUNCES

Price and Warranty:

The racket isn’t overpriced rather it is quite pocket-friendly. It doesn’t have a warranty but if the paddle has some defect in it, the company changes it with a new one.

  • ITTF Approved for tournament play
  • Shock Dispersion tube absorbs the energy from shock and transfers it to the rubber for good speed and spin
  • Replaceable rubbers
  • 2 layers of Carbon
  • Lightweight
  • Pocket friendly
  • Difficulty in handling for the beginner

3. DHS Hurricane-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle

Dhs Huriccane 2

DHS is a Chinese company that stands for Double Happiness. The company is famous for its out-class table tennis equipment throughout the world. Hurricane II ping pong paddle is one of the high-end paddles for professional table tennis players.

If you are a person who can make good table tennis strategies with a mix of spins then Hurricane II is for you!

The Blade:

Hurricane II is designed for professional players. The blade is made up of high-quality wood which provides the right amount of speed and strength. It is designed in a way that it isn’t heavy hence allowing the player to be ready for the next shoot soon after the first.

The Rubber:

The racket has Hurricane II rubbers which are perfect for professionals who rely on spiny shots. The rubbers provide tackiness which leads to an outstanding Topspin. The rubbers ensure that the players who like to play the game calmly have enough control as well as loop drives. These attributes lead to less speed but they can be adjusted according to the needs by replacing the rubbers.


  • Spin = 9.3
  • Speed = 8.5
  • Control = 8.0

The players who like to implement tricky table tennis strategies and want to surprise their opponents with amazing Topspin this is exactly where you need to be.

Price and Warranty:

Hurricane II is a high-end paddle and is therefore not very pocket-friendly. If there is any problem with the paddle, one needs to send it back to the company and you will receive a brand new paddle.

  • Best quality for professional use
  • Comes in a high-quality box with two balls and a cover
  • Also has a Ladson wrist support
  • Known for its spin
  • Has rubbers for dual purposes
  • It is a little off-budget
  • Has a pungent smell which vanishes after a week

4. JOOLA Spinforce Professional Table Tennis Racket:

Joola Spinforce

Joola is an Olympic Table tennis brand that is known for the high-end products they produce. It had been a sponsor of a few well-known tournaments like the Olympics, US Open, and World Championships. The company manufactures equipment for all level players not sacrificing the quality.

 The racket is designed for those who have mastered the basics of the game and want to become professionals either inside their homes or in a tournament. The overall look of the paddle is quite nice and appealing. This paddle is ITTF approved for champions and players who play on a normal daily basis. 

The Blade:

The blade of the paddle has 7 plies with TWO layers of carbon that allow the player to throw the ball towards the opponent with an unbelievable speed. Ergo grip technology is used in the handle which allows the player to have a firm grip over the paddle. Furthermore, it absorbs all the vibrations and transfers them to the rubber for a good spin. Also, it is designed in a way that it doesn’t weigh much, making the shots easier for the player and giving minimum time to the opponent to prepare for the next shot.

The Rubber:

The rubbers of the paddle are of the best quality present out there. They are further lined by a Grip sponge which provides the perfect spin with amazing control over the paddle. The speed of the ball is so fast leaving the opponent amazed. Also, the rubbers of the paddle can be replaced by new ones easily in case of any erosion from the edges.


  • Spin = 84
  • Speed = 80
  • Control = 86

The durability of the paddle can be further increased if it is properly cleaned after every use and kept with good care.

Price and warranty:

According to the outstanding results, this paddle can bring to your game, the price will do justice. Whereas, the paddle doesn’t come with any warranty or exchange policy.

  • TTF approved
  • Designed for professional-level players
  • It is delivered pre-assembled
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Rubbers can be replaced
  • The paddle needs good care else the rubber falls off from the edges
  • The price of the paddle is a little off-budget
  • Difficult to handle by beginners

5. KILLERSPIN Kido 7P Premium Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin Kido 7p Premium

Killerspin is a company that deals with manufacturing the best quality table tennis accessories. They have designed Kido 7P premium straight table tennis paddle with the best quality products to make sure that you experience an amazing game with excellent spin.

The paddle is ITTF approved for competitions and tournaments. The paddle comes in a white box, packed nicely to prevent any damage during the delivery process.

The Blade:

The overall look of the blade is quite appealing. It is made up of 7 Plies of wood. It has layers of premium wood giving you the larger sweet spot. Also, the three innermost layers are made up of ayous wood which gives your shot the right amount of precision and accuracy. These characteristics of the blade make it the perfect paddle for shooting a ball with heavy topspin leaving the opponent amazed.

The Rubber:

The rubber of the paddle is designed using professional-grade Fortissimo rubbers which are known for their quality and strength. One side of the rubber is black and the other is red. The rubber makes sure that you amaze your opponent with perfect spin. Both sides are surrounded by strong black tape which prevents the sides of the rubber from getting peeled off. Also, it sustains the energy for a good shot.


  • Spin = 9.4
  • Power = 10.9
  • Control = 9
  • Weight = 11.2 OUNCES

 Hence, one can make outstanding spins and quick returns using this paddle.

Price and Warranty:

Killerspin makes sure to satisfy its customers when it comes to quality. Besides, they keep prices affordable and reasonable. It comes with a 30-day warranty. If you experience any defect in the paddle then the company replaces it with a new one or refunds all your money.

  • Good for intermediate to advanced level players
  • ITTF Approved
  • Comes in a nice storage case with a memory book
  • Best paddle for amazing spins
  • A little off-budget
  • The rubbers need to be replaced after every 6 months

Final words

After extensive research and detailed reviews, we are now confident about our recommendations. In our opinion, here is the list of best ping pong paddle for a spin: 

  1. Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 
  2. Stiga Pro Carbon
  3. DHS Hurrican 2
  4. Joola Spin Force
  5. Killerspin Kido 7

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