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Here’s a Review of the best Ping Pong tables for under 500 dollars.

1. East Point Sports EPS 3000

East Point Table Tennis Table

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East Point Sports is the name that speaks for itself. Even if you are a beginner are you a professional East Point has an answer to all our sports requirements at the most affordable and reasonable prices. Grab your ping pong table requirement list and start checking one by one!

The table has a two-piece foldable seamless top which saves space and is easy to store. This characteristic allows the player to play with himself as well. The ¾ inch table surface provides a ping pong ball the perfect bounce for an amazing game. Furthermore, the surface of the table is laminated with white color East Point logo upon it which further adds up to the overall appeal.

This ping pong table is 31 inches high, 108 inches long, and 60 inches wide. The frame of the table is made up of stainless steel with 1.375 inches thick steel legs that are powder coated and are rust-resistant as well. These legs are easy to fold and unfold. Wheels are attached to the legs that can be locked at the time of playing and you can also move the table out of the way when not in use.

The net can be attached and detached easily. It consists of a storage system that not only holds up to 6 ping pong balls but can also hold 4 ping pong paddles. Since table corners can cause scratches or sometimes cause serious injuries to children when placed at home, therefore, the corners have been covered by corner covers which saves the game.

Talking of the price of this outstanding ping pong table, it is not only an in-the-budget table but also, this could be the best table tennis table under 500 dollars.

2. MD Sports Ping Pong Set

Md Sports Table Tennis Set

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Are you looking for a ping pong table that can be used indoor as well as outdoor? Look no further because this is the table you have been looking for. MD Sports ping pong table is 108 inches long, 30 inches tall, and 60 inches wide. The 5/8-inch thickness of the tabletop provides the right amount of bounce to the ping pong ball making it easier for you to dodge the other player and winning the tournament.

The shining blue/black tabletop with a greyish-silver lining has both sides lined with PVC that makes it water-resistant and allows the table to stay in shape if placed under extreme weather conditions outdoors as well.

MD Sports Ping Pong set comes in two halves. Each half is supported by foldable legs. This function allows it to be stored in compact places when not in use, saving you space. Also, if you want to play ping pong with yourself, you can set one half horizontally and the other vertically and you would be able to play a fast, single-player game with yourself. Both table halves have two wheels each attached to the legs making it easier for the user to drag it around the house without putting any pressure on your knees and back.

The package includes a high-quality net that can be easily clamped and unclamped to the table within seconds. Furthermore, two ping pong paddles and two ping pong balls are also included in the package. All four corners of the table are covered with good quality corner covers to prevent scratches.

The legs are made up of high-quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion if placed under extreme weather. Each wheel of the leg can be locked for a stable tournament.

By now you must be thinking about the price of this amazing table. Honestly, the cost of this ping pong table is pretty less as compared to other tables of the same kind. Wait no more and order yours from amazon as soon as possible!

3. Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

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The butterfly is a company that deals with all types of ping pong tables, paddles, and balls. You will be able to find the most expensive ping pong tables as well as low-priced tables as well. The store has a variety for almost all types of customers and tries to fulfill all of your requirements with the best quality stuff.

Butterfly junior is comparatively bigger than a typical midsize indoor ping pong table with a standard 30 inches height, 81 inches length, and is 45 inches wide. The tabletop is ¾ inches thick and gives a nice bounce to the ball. It comes in two colors i.e. blue and green.

Taking into account the frame, it is made up of stainless steel and comes 95% preassembled. All you have to do is to unbox it and unfold it, and it is ready to be played a game upon. Both the table halves can be folded for easy storage without occupying enough space. Each half is supported by stainless steel legs and has rubber leg supporters that don’t allow it to move once set, during the game. Also, allowing the user to adjust the height according to the requirement. Each half has two wheels on each side for easy transportation.

Each half can be used for several other games like playing ludo, cards, etc. The package has a good quality net as well that can be adjusted, added, and removed according to one’s requirements. The edges of this ping pong table are covered with great quality corner covers for the sake of safety.

Butterfly Junior ping pong table is not very costly and will surely meet your budget demands. Furthermore, the company offers a nice repair and renewal service.

4. Kettler Stockholm

Kettler Stockholm Indoor Table Tennis Table

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Playing ping pong doesn’t necessarily require you to be a professional rather you could be a starter or you could add it to your free time activities or even if you want to shed a few kilograms, it can be a good option for you. To enjoy the game while playing, the thing that matters the most is to have a good ping pong table.

Kettler Stockholm is one of the leading brands that make high-quality sports goods and tries their best to meet their customer’s demands. The table is 108 inches in length, 30 inches in height, and 60 inches in width. It comes in two halves both of which can be attached in the form of a straight table or can be attached in a way that one is horizontal and the other is vertical. In this way, you can play a tournament with a second player as well as a single-player game that can also be played.

Each table half is supported by stainless steel legs, two of which are connected to a high-quality plastic case with wheels. When playing with yourself, you can fix the vertical table half in that frame which prevents the vertical part from moving. When the table is not in use, you can fold the legs and easily move the table out of the way. This foldable function allows the user to store the table in compact spaces as well. The underside has safety locks that prevent the unintended opening of the table and can cause injuries.

The top is 3/4th inches thick and made up of wood with multiple layers of green paint. The edges have 1-inch thick aluminum aprons for more support and resist warping. The corners are protected by corner covers. This table includes a net that stays intact with the table even if it is folded. The entire stainless-steel frame further adds up to the strength of the table.

Kettler Stockholm provides a 3-year warranty for this ping pong table and is as affordable as you want any ping pong table to be.

5. HEAD Summit USA Ping Pong

Head Summit Ping Pong Table

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Head Summit is one of the leading USA based sports brands that not only sells sports items but also sells sports costumes. The company uses the best quality materials in its products ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

This ping pong table is ¾ inches thick with a length of 9 feet, a width of 5 feet, and 30 inches in height. The table has two halves each of which is supported by high-quality stainless-steel legs having rubber leg holders that hold the table in place. Furthermore, each half has 4 wheels with locks for easy transportability. The locks ensure stability.

Each fold when set horizontally makes a flat surface with no seams and dips. They can be set in a way that one half is vertical and the other half is horizontal. This will allow you to play a game with yourself when no one is around.

Head Summit USA is a water-resistant table but needs to be taken care of in extreme weather conditions because too much exposure to sun or moisture can affect its effectiveness. The black-colored tabletop with a grey outline and Head logo further adds to the overall look of the table. Each leg has leg levelers through which you can adjust the height of the table according to your wish. After adjusting the level, lock it up so that it doesn’t move from the place.

While buying the table, you must be concerned about the weight of this ping pong table because you might have to fold it and keep it somewhere when not in need. Don’t worry about that, Head has a solution to your problem. The wheels attached to each half allows you to easily transfer the table anywhere in your house. To prevent the unintentional opening of the table, locks are present on the underside for safety.

The table has a net as well which can be easily attached and detached with the table via steel clamps within no time. The cherry on top! The table comes 95% pre-assembled. Speaking of the price, the table cost depends upon how much thick table top you choose but the company assures the quality.

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