How To Fix a Dented Ping Pong Ball – Guide With Pictures

Have you ever hit a table tennis ball too hard that it got dent? It puts you in the worst position if your last ping pong ball gets a dent. Have you ever wondered about fixing a dent in your ping pong ball within few minutes?

Ping Pong Balls often get dents or can be cracked because of exposure to a strong blow. There is no mend of cracked ping pong balls, in that case, you need to replace it with a new one but fixing dented ping pong balls is a piece of cake. This article will provide you with the easiest and simplest methods to fix your dented ping pong ball in no time.

You can follow any of these methods to repair your ping pong balls without compromising their performance:

Fix Dented Ball
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Using hot water is the simplest way to repair ping pong balls. For this method, you need hot water, glass, and tissue/handkerchief.

Step I:

For this method, you need to boil a glass of water in a kettle/pot.

Step II:

Now pour water into a ceramic cup and drop the dented ball into it.

Note: Make sure that water has a high temperature. As per Charles’s law, as the temperature increases, the air molecules in the ball move faster and due to expansion in air, molecules will push a wall of the ball hence it will be inflated.

You can also put the ball directly into a kettle/ pot of boiling water for a few minutes. Leaving it for a long time is not preferred as it can damage the ball due to very high temperatures.

Step III:

To increase pressure on the ball you can use a spoon to push it a little into the hot water for 15-20 seconds.

Step IV:

Now carefully take out the ball using a spoon or fork.

Note: Don’t touch it with bare hands and handle the ball with care.

Step V:

Now scrupulously wrap a dry tissue or handkerchief around the ball for 5-10 minutes and let the ball cool down.

Note: Putting the ball directly on a flat surface can leave mark on it.

  • The Hair-Dryer Method:

Hair Dryer Method

It is another method to fix a dented ping pong ball. For this method, you need a hair-dryer and a towel.

Step I:

Hold a ping pong ball using a towel

Step II:

Turn the hair-dryer on at a high speed, so that it can provide air, which is hot enough to cause air particles to move faster to pop the dent out.

Note: If you hold the ball directly without the towel it can burn your hand and don’t hold the dryer too close. If you notice that the ball is getting de-shaped, turn off the dryer and let the ball cool down.

You can also blow the ball from the bottom up while using high speed on the hair-dryer so it does not fall down. If you use this method you don’t need to touch it.

Step III:

Wait until the dent pops out. When the dent is fixed, place the ball carefully on the tissue paper/towel, as it can be too hot, and putting it on a flat surface can affect its shape.

  • Flame Method:

Flame Method
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This method also uses Charles’s law like the above two methods. For this one, you need a lighter and towel/tissue.

Step I:

Hold lighter under ping pong ball at the safe distance.

Note: Don’t hold it too close it can burn the ball.

Step II:

Run flame under the ball gently, moving lighter back and forth, until it fixes the dent by making its gas molecule move faster due to high temperature.

Step III:

Like the above two methods put the ball gently on a tissue paper or towel and let it cool down.

Disadvantages of Using Heating Methods for Fixing Balls:

  1. The ball can lose its shape, try to keep it hanging in a cloth/tissue/towel, don’t put the hot ball on a flat surface.
  2. Using heating methods can change the shape and size of the ball a little.
  3. The ball loses its durability after it is repaired.
  • Thumb push Method:

This method is the simplest one which often works.

Hold the ball in your hand and push the area around the dent gently, using your thumb, this puts pressure on the ball and the dent can pop out.

Note: If you push really hard it can cause a bigger dent in the ball.


These methods often work to fix your dented ping pong balls, and they worth the shot to save the ball but results cannot be guaranteed, as it depends on the amount of damage the ball got. If the dent is too deep these methods become unworkable.

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