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15 minutes of reading time and you will get to know the best ping pong paddle.

To excel and improve in a graceful game of ping pong, one needs to practice and compete with the best ping pong paddle in store. The success of any sport depends on practice and skill. It also means looking for qualified equipment. 

There are many different types of ping pong paddles out there. Instead of picking one out on a whim, knowing the best table tennis paddle gets half of the job done. A durable, long-lasting, and effortless paddle is always better than a frail one. 

Different companies have made different types and elevated the ping pong rackets to suit the general public. The essence lies in their construction and grip of the paddle which has been paid close attention to. After numerous researches, we have listed down the top 10 best ping pong paddles that you can buy. 

What should I look for when buying a ping pong paddle:

When looking for a ping pong paddle, you need to consider the essence, the build and quality, and the playing style you prefer. Companies all over the world have developed their version of the best table tennis rackets keeping in mind the aforesaid little details.

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The Essence

The essence of the best table tennis racquet includes and depends on three very important factors. These are spin, speed, and control. You might wonder how these three parts can be measured? That is where the build and quality come to play and will be discussed later on. 


Spin is one of the most important factors in table tennis which primarily depends on the rubber sheet of the paddle. It is to be noted that the spin is not just determined by the skill of the person. Here’s a list of the best ping pong paddles for Spin

The ping pong paddles rubber’s quality plays a major part. Surprisingly, the softer and tackier rubber welcomes more spin. This gives your game more of an edge. Many ping pong players opt for a table tennis racquet with different rubbers installed on each side of the blade. This helps them to enhance their shot. 

Other than the grip and rubber of the paddle, a lightweight blade is always handy. The smooth surface of the rubber faces the ball to achieve a more graceful and calculated shot. This along with the light, airy weight of the blade helps to provide the best spin.

Whether an offensive or defensive player, spin is of the utmost importance as it brings about a faster response to the opponent’s turn. A defensive player would also need to master this art to retaliate against the offender’s spins with backspins. 


Speed is crucial in a game of table tennis. The best table tennis racquet would ensure your speed and ability to hit the ball at a faster rate.

A paddle with high speed would demand a thicker inner sponge. This would work with specifically crafted plies as its base. If the foundation is hard and sturdy, then speed is automatically guaranteed. However, if you choose a paddle solely based on achieving speed, control would be lost. 

A cheaper and more haphazardly built table tennis racket would not attain the level of speed you want. The firm grip of the racket, protruding sponge, and spec plies would help you to get to your acquired speed. And you would not have to exert a lot of energy.


Out of the three factors that make or break your game, control is perhaps the only one that relies more on skill. One can easily adjust to the speed and spin of the paddle if you have control over it. However, control also depends on the make of the racket.

For slower speed, the best ping pong paddle can be controlled. Speed and spin depend on control and lowers the two down. If you are a beginner, opting for a paddle that has more control would be more helpful. It would slowly and gradually allow you to achieve a level of proficiency.

The rubber of the paddle also affects control. As a beginner, the best ping pong paddle for you is one that has thin rubber. A thin rubber means more control. Once you reach an intermediate or advanced level, you can grab a racquet with thicker and tackier rubber.


Four underlying components give the best ping pong paddle its quality. All four should work in perfect harmony to get the best possible characteristics.

These are:

  • The Blade
  • The Handle
  • The Rubber, and
  • The Sponge

Each of these four components has a role to play and is extremely important. 


The blade of a ping pong paddle is identified by its layers of ply food. The best paddles would have a sturdy and durable blade. It would have at least 5 to 9 layers of plywood or a mix of other materials like carbon and crystal. Carbon is a recent invention and has helped in making the paddle lighter. 

The blade of the ping pong paddle can either be rigid or flexible. This depends on the number of layers and what the blade is made from. A rigid blade is preferred as it automatically aligns itself with speed. 

Balsa wood and carbon are two of the most appreciated and used materials when it comes to the blade. They are both lightweight in nature and help in making your control, speed, and spin. 


The handle of the best ping pong paddle is determined by the shape and your preferred grip. 

Flared Handle

A flared handle is preferred and a great way to help beginners. A flared handle, as the name suggests, is flared like the end of a skirt or dress. Its design allows the paddle holder to have more control so that it does not slip. 

Anatomic Handle 

An anatomic handle is another type of handle that is recognized by its wider middle. This type of handle is more accustomed to fit in your palm. The anatomic handle is stable and fits right into your hand.

Straight Handle 

Lastly, we have a straight handle. Compared to the other two this handle has the same shape throughout. It is used by professionals and intermediate ping pong players. The straight handle welcomes more different options of gripping it. You can adjust it to your needs and change it with time. 


The best ping pong paddle’s outer layer is made from the best rubber. The rubber covers the blade and sponge. It is used to make sure that the contact with the ball is perfect.

Some players use a clear surface rubber because of its smooth exterior. It allows a more clean shot. Other types of rubber are marked either by their protruding pimples or by their sunken ones. A major aspect of rubber and its resilience relies on its tackiness. The tackier the rubber, the better the spin and control. 


Last and the very least, the sponge is sandwiched between the blade and the rubber. The sponge becomes the backbone of what helps you to control the speed. 

The average thickness of the almost perfect sponge lies between 1.2 mm and 2.5 mm. The thickness and thinness of the sponge affect the ping pong game. A thick sponge would have less control yet higher speed. Whereas a thinner sponge would mean less speed but more control.


Everyone considers the price while making a buying decision. Price is dependent on the following factors:

1. The research behind the technology used.
2. Quality of material used

Usually, cheap paddles are made up of cheap material.

Reviews on The 10 Best Ping Pong Paddles.

1. Butterfly Zhang Jike

The top contender for the best ping pong paddle is the Butterfly Zhang Jike. Promising and reliable, this ping pong racquet is best suited for professional offensive players. 

The Super ZL Carbon fiber is attached to make sure the paddle supports high speed and spin. The Super ZL Carbon layers showcase immediate results with their lighter yet sturdier table tennis racket. This has enhanced the strength of the blade and has led to a more accurate shot. The ZLC properties allow layers of plies to strengthen and stabilize the blade of the racquet. 

Alongside this, they have installed the Bryce High-Speed rubber that works irrevocably well with the build and exterior of the paddle. The Bryce High-Speed tech has been embedded into the rubber to result in a better response when hitting the ball. They come in black and red rubbers to ensure better application. Whilst playing this paddle, there is an apparent increase in speed and spin. 

This table tennis paddle imparts 100 speed, 85 spin, and almost 75 control. Due to these supporting features and results, the racquet has worked wonders for attackers and highly proficient players. The product’s exterior 12 x 7 x 2 inches and weighing 10.41 ounces makes your grip firm and more reliable. Speed for this paddle depends on the distance from the table. The farther you stand, the less speed is imparted from the racquet. 

One of the best things about this paddle is that its rubber is long-lasting and does not easily wear off. Moreover, the flared handle complements the dimensions of the ping pong racquet and ensures a firmer and stronger grip. The comfortable and sweet spot of the racket is apparent almost instantly. This is owed to the embedded carbon fiber installed within the blade that demonstrates a more powerful contact. Even though the paddle comes fully assembled, chances are that you might encounter a rubber that is not as strictly glued to the blade as ensured. 

2. Butterfly Timo Boll

The best ping pong paddle that has made it to the top is the Butterfly Timo Boll. This table tennis racket is extremely durable and ensures speed that works best for professional players. 

The Timo Boll table tennis racket comprises ALC. The company has taken into consideration the offender’s tactic and fused in elements that provide speed and spin. Moreover, the straight handle of the table tennis paddle perfects the ALC Timo Boll quality.  

The ping pong ball hits the Tenergy 05 Rubber that works extremely well. You can achieve the best speed and spin. The 2.1 mm Tenergy 05 rubber is the most reliable high tension rubber. It is used by the majority of professional players all over the world. Formerly assembled in the USA, the quality is not compromised one bit and does not wear off. 

The Butterfly Timo Boll is built to ensure 11.5 spin and 13 speed. It arrives at your doorstep fully assembled and ready to be used. The build of this paddle is specifically designed for professionals with its wood finish.  

The lightweight and 5.82 mm thickness brings about a perfect spin and speed. Moreover, the beauty of this remarkable racquet is in its ability to master control alongside speed and spin. 

3. Butterfly Tiago Apolonia 

Butterfly Tiago Apolonia is the best ping pong paddle known for its durability and hard exterior. The lightweight product has become a favorite amongst the top professional table tennis players. 

The ZLC Apolonia is made with 5 distinct and finished plywoods as well in a ZL Carbon reaction of 10.5. It is assembled to provide a lightweight paddle. The plywood and lightweight structure of the table tennis racket allow for 9.5 vibrations. Making the product amazing to use with a clean shot. 

The handle of the paddle is designed to complement the grip of the players. The flared handle is accustomed and widely popular amongst professionals. Therefore, its wider end allows for a stronghold. 

The most exciting thing about the Butterfly Tiago Apolonia paddle is that both sides have different types of rubbers attached to them. The sponge underneath the rubber is 2.1 mm thick on both sides. But the different materials of the rubber ensure a great response when the balls hit the surface. 

The black FH rubber attached on one side of the blade is Tenergy 05 hard. The speed is 13 and the spin is 11.5. The Tenergy 05 rubber elevates the hardness to 43.

The other side of the paddle is red with a BH Digincs 05 rubber attached. The speed for this side of the rubber is 13.5 and spin is 12, which is more than the FH Tenergy 05 rubber. However, in terms of hardness, the red-sided Digincs 05 is 40. 

The soft-touch and controlled rhythm of the table tennis racket provides a premium feel. The wood and carbon layered paddle comes with a smooth handle. 

The surface, weight, and thickness allow for a longer ball contact time. Lastly, the element that further enhances the paddle, is its perfect balance between spin, control, and speed. 

4. Butterfly Viscaria

The beauty of this ping pong paddle lies in its perfect merging of wood and carbon fiber. This lightweight and flexible table tennis paddle are preferred by professionals. 

This table tennis racket is made from wood and ACL and comes with its premium-made Viscaria FL blade. The combination of these two different features brings lightness. The hardwood exterior of the blade makes the impact with the ball harder. 

The ALC Carbon fibers are fused and installed within this ping pong paddle. This brings about its shock-absorbing characteristics. Perfectly surrounded by the durable Tenergy 05 rubber relates more speed. This rubber makes this 5.8 mm thick paddle demonstrate the best professional outcome. 

This table tennis paddle’s rubber and blade are a match made in heaven. A faster response comes about with its lightweight. However, with the installation of the Tenegry 05 rubber, a softer touch is more agreeable. 

Due to its speed and spin ability, this is the ping pong paddle recommended to professionals. It works wonders for those who are loop-style players as a more controlled racquet is preferred for beginners, for beginners, d and they can slowly opt for a speed and spin-oriented one later on. 

5. Butterfly Hadraw VR

The Butterfly Hadraw is the best ping pong paddle for an advanced table tennis player. The VR Blade and Tenergy 05 rubber is the cherry on top. It boosts your game towards a more accurate spin and speed. 

Hadraw VR Blade is smooth to touch and brings about a more accurate result. When directly contacted with the ball, the blade generates the perfect balance. It is the best ping pong paddle  suited for an offensive player. This is because of its playing characteristics and flared handle. 

Tenergy 5 rubber has been used by many companies to further enhance the racquet. With 2.1 mm red and black rubbers joined to the blade, this table tennis racket has a powerful impact. It readily responds to the offender’s hand flow and can be easily switched. 

The speed being 90, spin 100, and control 85 bring about the best result when playing with this table tennis paddle. The 5 distinct and beautifully finished wood layers installed strengthens the attackers’ stance in the game. The craft of this ping pong paddle guarantees precision. 

Perfectly assembled and ready to be used, this product perfectly aligns the rubber with the blade. The grip on the flared handle ensures more spin as well as eases the shot. 

6. Killerspin KIDO 5A

The wide-end, flared handle of this table tennis paddle demonstrates a greater grip. The best ping pong paddle in town, the Killerspin KIDO 5A, is preferred by professional players.

The blade is made from 5 plies of all wood and gives a more powerful and accurate response when in contact with the ball. The control and spring being 8 and 9, respectively is a result of this exceptionally designed exterior. The offender’s tactic can easily mold itself with the blade of the paddle. 

For future help and resources, this table tennis racket comes with a memory book. This provides further information on how to keep your paddle in top shape. Designed to serve an advanced player, the construction of the racquet is carefully designed. 

The rubbers surrounding the paddle are fortissimo which ensures not only control but power as well. The blade and rubber stand atop a perfectly flared handle that has a firmer grip. 

The packaging of this racket comes with a personalized memory book and protection cases. This protection case helps to keep the paddle in its best form and does not ruin the finish. However, the fault lies in the rubber quality. As an advanced player, the rubber of the paddle should be compact. This rubber is faulty and easily wears off making the product not last long. 

7. Killerspin RTG Diamond

The Killerspin RTG Diamond is listed as one of the best ping pong paddles for numerous characteristics. One of these is that it comes with two different types of handles, giving you a range of choices. 

With the same weight, grip, and material, this ping pong racket comes in a straight and flared handle. These varying sizes complement the grip and choice of the professional players. Moreover, these different sizes provide a more clean shot with 8 control, 9 spin, and 10 speed.

The blade of the table tennis racket is made from carbon and wood. The 7 plies are attached together using 5 layers of composite wood and 2 of the best titanium carbon layers. These two different types of layered plies assist players in their games. 

The blade is attached with a Nitrx-4Z rubber. The blade’s build itself means more spin and accurate shots. But the rubber on the surface of the paddle brings more control and adds finesse to every shot. 

The packaging is very eye-catching and comes with a memory book to assist you every step of the way. A protective cover and manual make your paddle more durable. Moreover, the perfect dimensions of the table tennis racket are perfect for any advanced player. 

For any offensive player, the Killerspin RTG Diamond paddle is a handy tool. You can easily control and spin the ball when it comes in contact with the racquet. These features also help to improve and strengthen your game with time. The blade design, rubber, and handle are in perfect sync for a competitive and aggressive game. Beginners would not be able to work this paddle with the same finesse as a professional and should opt for a more control-oriented one.

However, a demeaning feature of this table tennis racket is its rubber quality. Although the rubber promises spin, it wears off pretty early on. The rubber’s material is not built for a long aggressive game despite its build. 

8. STIGA Pro Carbon

A more compact and firm grip comes with the STIGA Pro Carbon ping pong paddle. Listed as one of the many best ping pong paddles, professionals rely on its immaculate speed during a game. 

An attacker can make the best use of this ping pong racket with its 7 plies and layers of wood and carbon. The finesse of this paddle lies in its carefully layered 5 wood and 2 carbon fiber components. With just the right amount of carbon, this paddle makes for a great spin. 

The packaging of the STIGA Pro Carbon comes with a protective bat cover. It comes in an all-black box which heightens its elegance. 

The blade is surrounded by STAR5 rubber that provides more spin and enhances your shots. As a professional competitor, this paddle brings more control and spin with its flared handle. 

The feel and grip of the handle become extremely handy when playing against a defensive opponent. However, this table tennis racket can also be very slow due to more emphasis on control 

9. Butterfly TB Pro-Line

Another A-listed best ping pong paddle is the Butterfly TB Pro-Line. It is made for professional players who are more inclined and used to the shape of the racket. The table tennis paddle comes in two different designs, the TB5 Pro Line and the TB7 Pro-Line. 

The TB7 Pro-Line has Rozena rubber on both sides of its blade. The flared handle works comparatively well with the blade that is 84g. The rubber is made from Rozena that makes the impact much stronger. Professional players have benefited tremendously due to the blade, rubber, and handle of the Butterfly TB7 Pro-Line paddle. 

The TB5 Pro-Line table tennis racket is assembled with 5 plies of wood. The rubber material and handle shape are similar for both versions. However, the Rozena rubber is placed on a 2.1 mm thick sponge. The sponge makes the spin, control, and speed at the most preferable number. 

Both versions of the Butterfly TB Pri Line ping pong paddle come in a compact and secured box. It would arrive at your doorstep bearing two rackets and four balls. Other than that, it also has a sleeve for the table tennis racket to store it and a cleaner as well. 

With the Rozena rubber exterior, speed is guaranteed. The rubber makes for a swift hand flow and allows to impact the ball with more speed and moderate control. That means that professionals can play with this racket without any worries. The dimensions, however, of this paddle are smaller in size and can cause a lot of issues for those who are not used to it. 

10. STIGA Pro Carbon Performance

The STIGA Pro Carbon is the best ping pong paddle for its rigidity and the professional performance it guarantees. The lightweight and handy racquet become extremely helpful when playing against an aggressive game. 

The promised 99 speed, 100 spin, and 80 control are delivered with the carbon technology attached to the paddle. 

The overall structure of the blade contains seven different plies of wood. This brings forth a more impactful and rigid response to the ball when it hits the surface. Compared with other blades, this blade is lighter and easier to grip due to its flared handle. 

Top-tiered S5 rubber surrounds the blade and brings a beautiful flow to the game. Speed, control,  and spin are guaranteed with the rubber quality attached to the blade and are durable. 

The 2 mm thick sponge of the table tennis racket allows for a more aggressive game. The light blade with its durable rubber and thick sponge asks for more power and spin. 

Despite its limited control, this paddle has proven to be extremely lenient on beginners as well. It works well for both front-hand and backhand players. Another great feature of this racket is that it comes with a replaceable rubber. Its ACS Technology makes for a great response.


1. What ping pong paddles do professionals use?

Perhaps the most trusted and the best ping pong paddle is the STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racquet. It is extremely durable and the carbon fiber blade makes it light. 

2. What is the best brand of ping pong paddles?

The best brand of ping pong paddles can be determined by their quality and their build. However, here are the top 10 very famous and trusted brands that make the best ping pong paddles.

  • Butterfly
  • Stiga
  • Donic
  • Dhs
  • Xiom
  • Joola
  • Nittaku
  • Yasaka
  • killerspin
  • Tibhar

3. What makes a good ping pong paddle?

The paddle is good when it offers speed, spin, and control at the same time, But I personally feel the paddle is good if it suits your playing style rather than if it is cheap or expensive.

4. Are expensive ping pong paddles worth it?

Eventually, an expensive ping pong paddle gives better results. The foundation behind the making of an expensive ping pong paddle takes into account the quality of the rubber and blade which complements the speed and spin of the ball. 

5. Why are there two colors on a ping pong paddle?

Many ping pong paddles have different colored rubbers on each side of the blade. These varying colors depend solely on the player and usually are two different types of rubber. The color helps to differentiate between the two different types of rubber, whether pimpled or smooth surfaced.


The best ping pong paddle is not just defined by one thing. It is the perfect balance of all components, the build, and the essence that makes a note-worthy racquet. After frequent tries and games, it was clear which one is the best. 

The best ping pong paddle features go to the Butterfly Zhang Jike. Its ZLC carbon layered blade with its durable and long-lasting rubber does wonders. It creates and gives the best combination of spin, speed, and control. Whether offensive or defensive, this paddle accommodates all types of advanced players. 

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