10 Best Ping Pong Paddle under 100 Certified Paddles

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Good ping pong paddles can make or break your game. Whether you play in-home or office, club, or college you always need the best paddles to show off your skills. Finding the best ping pong rackets has been quite a struggle for players out there.

Table tennis is a game of high intellect that requires precision and speed. However, if one’s racket isn’t up to the mark then all effort goes to vain.

Have you been playing for a long time and still aren’t noticing any improvements in your gameplay? The answer is you need to change the paddle right away.

In this article, you will be fully informed of what would be the best ping pong paddle according to your playing style. Whether you are a beginner or experienced player even if you are a recreational player.

This is definitely very subjective but we have reviewed and put together a list of our 10 best paddles that has something for every kind of player.

Our detailed reviews with an overview of the pros and cons make it easier to decide the best paddle for your needs.

How Do We Choose Our Top 10 Paddles under 100 dollars?

There are many options available on the market. It’s difficult to say which one is the best paddle. So, we have tried to take different factors into account. First and foremost, we have considered the three main factors that are SPEED, SPIN, and CONTROL. Well, here we have figured out the TOP 10 best ping pong paddles for players who want to boost their game.



1. STIGA PRO CARBON: (Best Ping Pong paddle Under 100)

Stiga Pro Carbon

Stiga ping pong paddles are one of the best available in the market, it is the best pong brand in the world that produces high-end ping pong bats Stiga pro carbon is one of them.

Our best pick Stiga PRO carbon is a 7ply blade out of which 2 are carbon fiber and the remaining 5 are balsa wood layers. This combination enables the racket to be very light and fast. Balsa is a lightweight and softwood that provides a hollow feeling when it comes to the carbon layers it provides a sufficient amount of speed which enables you to boost your game up to the pro level and experience the best out of it.

It has a shock dispersion tube inside the handle whose primary function is to absorb the energy and transfer it to the ball for maximum speed. Besides this, it gives you a noticeable feeling that makes the Stiga’s best table tennis paddle.

The best Stiga paddle Pro carbon uses Stiga’s S5 rubbers which are not very high end but they produce a good amount of spin and speed without compromising the control. It has a sponge of 2.0mm thickness which allows you to play away from the table as well as close to the table and keeps you in a game, both these materials combine to make PRO carbon the best table tennis bat indeed.

Stiga being the best ping pong brand produces Pro carbon which is one of the best ping pong paddles under 100 worth each penny as of its remarkable build quality which is half of the professional level paddles. The only noticeable thing is the durability some users reported that rubbers need to replace every three months which is quite normal.

  • ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play
  • Carbon Technology for Speed and Spin
  • Shock Dispersion Tube
  • 7- ply lightweight ping pong bat
  • NOT recommended for a professional level player

2. BUTTERFLY CARBO X5: (Professional Table Tennis Racket)

Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5

Among the professional ping pong paddles, the butterfly holds the number one position. Butterfly pro carbo x5 although it is the most expensive ping pong paddle, we have it on our list. specifically made for professional players wanting to enhance their attack without having to lose their control. The blade and rubber combination allow the paddler to play Mid-far from the table and gives a great touch of the ball.

The Carbo X5 is a high-end-priced paddle as it is composed of high-quality materials and it coincides with the gameplay of a professional player. It enables the players to have creative freedom during gameplay and allows the paddler to pull off desired table tennis techniques effortlessly.

Butterfly has produced Carbo x5 with a balsa core and on the outer edges are the carbon fiber layers. Carbon fiber provides speed without compromising the lightweight of the racket and Balsa itself being a lightweight wood permits the racket to be very light hence making it easier for a paddler to enable their speed and attack fast without any complications which makes it a high-end table tennis racket.

The Carbo x5 includes the best table tennis rubber BUTTERFLY TENERGY 80-FX on both sides which are high tension rubbers. Spin is also accommodated since both these rubbers are softer versions. The rubbers allow the paddler to loop drive easily since the softness of the rubber and lightness of the blade to complement each other. The sponge is 2.1mm thick that gives the ball more room to dig in when it contacts the rubbers, which increases the dwell time of the racket and enables the player to feel the ball more.

This racket comes assembled by professional hands and has the best durability as well. Since Tenergy rubbers are made with long-lasting technology the racket duration on average is getter as compared to that of other similar paddles.

This is the best table tennis racket for spin and speed in the premade bats category.

This racket is suitable for players who want to play a brave and attacking game and also recommended for players who can handle the speed of the blade.

  • Glued with butterfly free Chack
  • Lightweight Paddle
  • Tensor Rubbers
  • NOT for Beginners or Recreational player
  • A little bit over priced

3. KILLERSPIN JET 800: (Table Tennis Paddle)

Killerspin Jet 800

Killerspin ping pong paddles are well known for their competitive prices without compromising the quality. The Killerspin JET 800 is advanced for semi seasoned players that can pull off a good amount of strokes and handle the ball well. This blade is the most elite in the Killerspin jet series and performs more advanced than its previous serious paddles.

The Killerspin jet 800 is composed of 7 plywood layers that support accuracy and precision, not just that but also exceed the looks and sleekness of possibly any other blades out there. The blade is firm and provides speed to the strokes.

This might be the best ping pong paddle for a spin because the rubbers of Jet 800 are tensor rubbers that match the characteristics of professional rubbers and help in attacking and supporting aggressive game styles.

The jet 800 comes in a very sleek and petite box that can also be utilized as a bat cover for protection against dirt when the racket is not in use.

This paddle is for players that are on the more advanced beginner side and on the verge of beginning their advanced level tenure, this racket can serve as a good transition between the beginner and pro-level experience and can do wonders if utilized well.

  • Free Storage Case
  • 7-ply Composite Wood and Carbon Fiber
  • ITTF-Approved Racquet
  • Free Memory Book
  • Rubbers Need Replacement After 6 Months

ir?t=hammadmalik 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00EFY9F1C4. STIGA EVOLUTION: (Best Table Tennis Racquet)

Stiga Evolution

Stiga is the most popular brand in the world for ping pong equipment, Stiga evolution being in the lower-midrange is a paddle that is produced for players who are interested more in control than speed. This paddle is constructed with lightweight wood that makes it easier for the player to make swift movements while playing.

Stiga evolution consists of soft spongy rubbers that enable the player to get the ball to reach a few extra inches when playing passive. The thick sponge also lets the ball dig deep which in return increases the dwell time and lets the paddler calmly place the ball where they prefer.

The blade handle is composed of Shock dispersion tube technology which is a hollow tube inside the handle of the paddle which absorbs the vibrations of the ball during contact and provides a firm feeling to the hand of the paddler.

This paddle is more advanced in controlling the ball rather than providing great speed and produces a fair amount of spin as well.

Stiga evolution is for recreational players that want to experiment with their gameplays and want to start attacking more consistently.

  • Easy to Control
  • The Best Ping Pong Paddle For Intermediate Players
  • Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
  • ITTF Approved Rubber
  • Light Weight Racket
  • If Not Care Properly Could Break

5. STIGA TITAN: (Best Ping Pong Paddle Under 50)

Stiga Titan

Stiga always produces quality ping pong paddles, as the name suggests TITAN, is a “very important” table tennis racket for players that are planning to play an aggressive near to the table as the racket co-operates with the personal style of play and entitle the paddler to perform exquisitely.

The blade of the Stiga titan ping pong paddle is made with Crystal technology. Crystal technology makes the surface of the Paddle firm and solid enabling the table tennis racket to produce more speed and spin.

The rubbers of the racket are semi tensor rubbers having a thick sponge of 2.00mm enable the paddle to have speed and spin both at once. However, a small amount of control is compromised which makes the paddler work harder to achieve their preferred stroke.

The paddle also consists of the WRB technology Weight Recovery Ball Sensitivity technology when striking the ball during the game, the weight of the racket is leveled to that of the contact point of the ball. This technology also enables the racket to provide more sensitivity to the racket when in play hence providing more feeling as well. This could be the best ping pong paddle under 50 with these specifications.

This paddle is recommended for a player wanting to upgrade their beginner racket, this table tennis racket serves as a good transition for moving towards better table tennis techniques.

  • Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
  • ITTF Approved Rubbers
  • Crystal Technology Used
  • WRB (Weight Recovery Ball technology)
  • Less Durable

6. STIGA SUPREME: (Best All-Round Paddle)

Stiga Supreme

Stiga supreme is made with a resemblance to the Stiga Titan. However, It is considered to be a more defensive table tennis racket. It is said to have more control and a fair amount of spin. 

Stiga Supreme in terms of technology mirrors Stiga titan as its blade (like the Stiga titan) consists of Crystal technology, Crystal technology makes the surface of the bat firm and solid enabling the racket to be powerful. Stiga supreme also consists of a Shock dispersion tube that absorbs the vibrations and provides a firm feel to the paddle.

Stiga Supreme uses the microscopic air capsule technology in ultra-lightweight rubber for more elasticity and excellent control capabilities. As the rubbers are semi tacky which provides a lot of spin and control. The speed is however compromised. Supreme supports the defensive playing style of the paddler as it has more control than speed.

The WRB technology system makes the paddle more stable, the paddle has good dwell time as the vibration of the tube and the stickiness of the rubber complement each other.

Stiga supreme is a low-mid range ping pong paddle and the amount of spin is exceptionally fair for what it’s worth and its durability is also quite fair as compared to other blades and paddles. Some paddlers have reported changing their rubbers later after 5 months of use which is very average for players to do so.

  • TTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play
  • Microscopic Air Capsule Technology
  • Anatomic Italian Composite Handle
  • WRB Technology
  • Rubbers needs Replacement After 5 Months

7. DHS HURRICANE II: (Best Table Tennis Paddle for Spin)ir?t=hammadmalik 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B071HL44FH

Dhs Hurricane 2

Double happiness also known as DHS has produced this paddle for advanced players that use innovative ping pong techniques. Hurricane 2 is a paddle that can provide a player with an immense amount of spin as it is made with technologies that support Chinese game tactics.

Hurricane blade consists of a very firm wood that is crystal strong and can provide speed when it strikes the ball, the weight of the paddle is made so that it transfers itself towards the ball during the stroke in a rally and the lightweight helps in recovering and preparing for the next ball.

This paddle uses Hurricane 2 rubbers that are very professional and tacky. Due to the tackiness, they provide an enormous amount of spin. However, speed is compromised. These rubbers enable the player to control the ball as well as a loop drives. Which makes it easier for calm attacking players to win the points in their rallies without additional effort.

Dhs Hurricane II has a great amount of spin but less speed. Some players who prefer speed with the following specifications have reported boosting their rubbers for more speed. This table tennis racket is recommended for players that have advanced table tennis techniques and prefer to attack consistently.

  • Comes With a Landson wrist support
  • Come With Cover and Two Balls in Gift Box
  • Good For Top Spin
  • A Little Bit Expensive

8. KILLERSPIN JET 200: (The best ping pong paddle under 30)ir?t=hammadmalik 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B002GJY338

Killerspin Jet 200

Killerspin jet series is made for beginner players to fit the basic needs of their gameplay. Killerspin Jet 200 is a paddle that can help one learn the basics of ping pong.

Killerspin jet 200 is composed of a wood that provides a hollow feeling to the paddle, this paddle comes in 4 different cool colors and the wood itself has 4 different color handles which include the color Mocha, Navy Blue, Lime, and Basic Black and Red. That’s why we call them cool ping pong paddles.

The rubbers on this racket are strictly designed for beginners and are very helpful in controlling the ball. Since the paddle comes in 4 different colors, the rubbers are also the same color as that of the handle.

The racket has an averagely thick sponge and a fairly tensor rubber, which are very helpful in controlling and smashing the ball to earn points.

This racket is made for beginners so they can develop a feel for the ball and learn the basics of the game. The control, spin, and speed are balanced out to not make it very difficult for players wanting to start their table tennis tenure.

  • 5 Ply Premium Wood
  • Comes With Memory Book
  • 30 Days Limited Warranty.
  • Variation of Colors
  • Only For Beginners

9. STIGA RAPTOR: (The Best Ping Pong Paddle for Control)ir?t=hammadmalik 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07Y5HMMHR

Stiga Raptor

Stiga Raptor falls in the comparison line of Stiga pro carbon with almost the same functions but different technologies, Stiga Raptor is an offensive blade that is recommended for seasoned players that intend to play passive-aggressively.

Stiga Raptor comes with a soft sponge and semi tensor top sheet rubber that can provide the paddler with a springy and comfortable feeling when playing. These respected ping pong rubbers produce a good amount of spin as well as speed and make it easier for one to attack command.

Shock dispersion tube technology is also used in Stiga Raptor to increase the control of the racket. The hollow tube in the handle absorbs all the vibration and shock into itself and produces a firm feeling and provides a good vibrato for the player. This also makes it easier for the paddler to control the ball and play with versatility.

This table tennis racket is highly recommended for players that can topspin from both sides and tend to win points by attacking the ball consistently and aggressively.

Stiga Raptor is recommended for players who tend to play more on the attacking side with more advanced table tennis techniques.

  • ITTF Approved Rubbers
  • Carbon Technology For Powerful Play
  • 7-Ply Extra Light Blade
  • ACS Technology for Increased Control
  • Hard To Control For Beginners

10. KILLERSPIN JET 600: (Best Pen hold  ping pong paddle)ir?t=hammadmalik 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B002TX6SA2

Killerspin Jet 600

The Killerspin jet 600 is a more advanced bat than the lower version in the jet series. It is composed of 5 plies of wood with multiple amounts of refined wood. That packs power into the shots of the paddle. The wood is lightweight and dense as well which makes the paddler move the racket freely and swiftly.

Killerspin JET 600 uses Spin N1 rubbers to elevate the game of the paddler. It provides the racket with aggressive spin without compromising control. The heavy spins on the rubber provide an advantage during services as the services can be loaded with spins and that can provide great advantages to players who tend to end the point early and don’t wish to engage in long rallies.

The grip of jet 600 is made with fitting technologies so that irrespective of your hand size it can fit into your hand and provide a more firm feeling. This paddle has a good amount of spin and control, and a fair amount of control for what it is worth.

This is the best ping pong racket, who preferred to have started the game with more advanced techniques and want to bring more and more consistency to their game.

  • ITTF Approved
  • High Tension Rubber
  • Very Well Balanced
  • 30 Days Limited Warranty
  • Needs A Case for Protection


Most of the beginners get confused when trying to select the perfect racket for themselves, Due to the diverse amount of specifications many get mistracked and end up having a setup that does not match their gameplay. However with the right information, one can get themselves a perfect setup. 


There are two types of ping pong paddles 

1.Attacking paddles

2.Defensive paddles

Once you understand your playing style you will know what type of paddle you need.


Many assorted factors influence the capabilities of table tennis racquets some of which are SPEED, SPIN, and CONTROL.


Speed plays a significant role while choosing a paddle having good speed can overtake the attack in the game and will not have a lot of difficulties. Speed relies on both the rubber and the type of wood, tensor rubber can give more speed than soft rubbers and a carbon layered wood can embellish the speed as well, However, All wooden layered bats provide more feeling and speed.


Spin is one of the most crucial aspects of ping pong, Regardless of the style one adopts, the spin will always be a part of their gameplay. Spin is grounded by Rubbers. Rubbers are by rule meant to be attached on top of the ping pong paddle 

A good rubber provides a good amount of spin on the ball which makes it easier for one to attack and fill the ball with more and more spin. 


Control, which also referred to as feeling is a very important aspect of ping pong as many paddlers decide to choose control over speed, as a Paddler having more control than speed tends to carry a rally for a longer period. A player with control tends to block more and win points by ball placement.


Weight is also an important factor while choosing a paddle. In general, the heavier the paddle is, the more energy will be required to swing and ultimately your reach to the ball will become minimized. Balanced weight will be recommended for all types of players.

All these factors when perfectly combined with just the right amount of spin, speed, and control can provide you with the best table tennis racket.


There is no best paddle until or unless you know your abilities. Once you know your playing attributes it will be easy to choose the best ping pong racket for you. 

In our recommendation, STIGA PRO CARBON is the winner for the overall best ping pong paddle under 100 dollars.

Pass this knowledge to your playing partners to get benefited because we believe in sharing is caring.

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