6 Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners and Intermediate Players

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If you are about to start playing table tennis, you should look at the best ping pong paddle for beginners. To start with, you may think all ping pong paddles are pretty much the same. In fact, every paddle has its own characteristics depending upon speed, spin, and control.

Yes, there is definitely such a thing as a right and a wrong paddle when it comes to ping pong. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning to play the sport for recreational purposes or to be a professional, choosing the appropriate paddle will make this game much easier for you.

Since you’d be beginning your journey, you may not need to make such a heavy investment.

Factors to Consider:

To narrow down the features, as a beginner, you should look for a paddle that offers more control. You should not yet worry about the speed. That’s a part of the next stage. Several companies design bats that are suitable for beginners. They are often light-weighted; offer more control and decent spin.

When you are browsing through the categories, take a look at the paddle’s features. Observe the plies of the blade. The more the plies, the better will be its results. Moreover, if the rubber used is ITTF approved, that’s a mighty plus. Basically, it means that it has been approved by the International Table Tennis Federation and can be used in professional tournaments.

The thickness of the sponge is another feature to consider. Mostly the sponges range from 1.5-2.0mm, which is a reasonable enough thickness.

If you have chosen a suitable enough paddle, then you’ll need a ping pong table, a net, a ball, and a playing partner. And you are ready to embark upon a journey you are bound to enjoy!

Well, here we have selected our TOP 5 best ping pong paddles for beginners who want to advance their game.


Top 6 Best Ping Pong Paddle For Beginners

1. Killerspin JET200 best ping pong paddle for beginners

Killerspin Jet 200

To the beginners and the ones with a little eccentric taste, Killerspin JET 200 makes a perfect companion. It comes wrapped in a fancy box with a cover for your paddle and a memory book in which you can store your scores. Plus, if you like a little twist on the colors, JET 200 comes in BluVanilla, Mocha and Lime and Black.

Killerspin jet 200 is the best ping pong paddle under 50 dollars.


JET 200 is a premade paddle by the Killerspin series. It has a 5-ply blade which means it has 5 layers of wood. The more layers, the better is the bat. The sponge over the blade is 1.8mm thick. It falls under the category of approved sponge thickness.

The rubber is another key aspect of the paddle. The rubber on JET 200 is a basic Killerspin rubber. It is not the highest quality but it serves well for beginners. Note that this rubber is not ITTF approved so it cannot be taken for professional matches. However, since you’re at the beginning of your journey, that is something you should not worry about.

Let’s talk about the handle. The handle of JET 200 has a flared grip. It means that the handle widens out towards the end, and thus prevents the paddle from slipping out of your hand. It helps improve the grip over your paddle.

What’s Good?

This paddle has been approved by many players for beginners or recreational players. Its rubber is specifically designed to offer more control than speed. The spin is fair enough as well.

One of the major attractions of this paddle is the fancy box. In addition, it is also reasonable in terms of its price. At the start of your ping pong career, you mustn’t think too much about a heavy investment anyway. And it comes with a 30-Day warranty.

What’s Bad?

Generally, this bat is a fine choice for a beginner. Mostly, the problems faced are by the advanced players since the paddle does not deliver much in terms of power and speed. Since it is a cheap paddle, the quality of the blade and the rubber isn’t exactly top-notch either.

It is also not ITTF approved, which shouldn’t be a problem at the starting stage, however.

  • Affordable
  • Good control
  • Fair spin (for beginners)
  • 30-day warranty
  • Gift box
  • Low speed
  • Not ITTF-approved
  • Not in red color


JET 200 is a decent paddle for beginners. It catches attention due to its reasonable pricing and that too with a gift box? What are the odds of that? If you like fancy stuff, you might find it pleasing. However, the ping pong game goes beyond the fancy boxes and vibrant colors. This paddle gives you a chance to practice and strengthen your skills before you enter an advanced stage of your ping pong career.

2. Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket

Butterfly 401

Butterfly 401 is a suitable ping pong paddle for beginners and intermediate players. It will suit you if you are on a tight budget since it is fairly cheap. As for the performance rating, it is not the best rated, but it is good enough.

This paddle comes from the Butterfly series. It comes in a gift-worthy box. Moreover, there is a protective case for you to keep your equipment safe. It is tournament approved so you can take it to a professional game.

This black and red ping pong paddle has great reviews. It is known to serve offensive players.


Butterfly 401 features a 5-ply blade. It means it has 5 layers of wood. Over the blade, sits a 2.1 mm sponge, which is fairly thick. It causes the ball to gain more power and spin after springing off the bat.

The rubbers on the paddle are ITTF approved. They are extremely sticky and offer a good spin.

The handle or Butterfly 401 has a flared grip. It is a shakehand style which means you would hold it like shaking hands. It widens out towards the end to prevent the racket from slipping out of your hand.

What’s Good?

Starting with a reasonable price, fancy packaging, and a protective cover, this bat makes a good gift. So if you want to get someone started on the game, or like fancy stuff for yourself, it is a good choice.

As for the rating, it has a decent rating for control, speed, and spin. Starting off the game, you would need a bat that offers greater control.

The handle’s flared grip prevents it from slipping out.

What’s Bad?

Butterfly 401 has a gripping handle. However, it has been reported to be shorter than the usual paddles. Though the tackiness of the rubber is good for the spin, it also exposes the paddle to dust and dirt. It may make it hard to maintain the paddle.

The sponge thickness offers intermediate players a better chance but the power it delivers may make it problematic for beginners. It is recommended that beginners look for sponge thickness varying between 1.5 mm to 1.8mm.

  • ITTF approved
  • Tacky rubbers
  • Affordable
  • Gift-worthy box
  • Cover case
  • Thick sponge
  • Difficult to maintain
  • A handle may be short for big hands


Although Butterfly 401 is a decent enough paddle for a good price, it may not be the best option. It offers a balance between speed, spin, and control. The tackiness of the rubbers and the thickness of the sponge offers more spin and power. But it may make it difficult for beginners to get a grip on the game with it. The rubbers are ITTF approved.

3. Palio Expert 2.0 Table Tennis Racket

Palio Expert 2.0

For beginners and learners, Palio Expert 2.0 is one of the most loved and recommended paddles. It is constructed with the collaboration of the two very best table tennis companies: Palio and Expert. This bat is famous for beginners in the UK.

Palio Expert 2.0 is a newer and improved version of Palio Expert 2.1. It is highly suitable for players who need to generate plenty of spins. If you are just starting off and need to master your techniques, this paddle will help you through and through. Not only that but if you don’t have a technique yet, this bat may help you find one.

It is much recommended for its control. As a beginner, the thing you need the most in your paddle is to offer you great control. Palio Expert 2.0 comes through in that.

Other plus factors include the case it comes with, which is good for the protection of your bat. Moreover, it is fairly affordable.


Starting with the blade, the blade on Palio Expert 2.0 is all wood and comes from the Expert. Over the blade, there is a sponge that usually comes in 2.0 mm. However, the sponge thickness varies, so you can choose the thickness between 1.8mm, 2.0mm, and 2.2mm.

The rubber on the blade is Palio CJ8000. This unchanged rubber comes from the Palio brand and is ITTF approved. It means if you wanna take this paddle to a professional tournament, you can. Moreover, this rubber is tacky and offers a great amount of spin with a highly rated control.

As for the handle, it has a shakehand flared grip. This handle will widen out towards the bottom. The shakehand style offers you a better hold of the handle and prevents it from slipping out of your hand.

What’s Good?

This is a well-loved premade racket that has received amazing reviews. The highest-rated feature of this bat is its control. Control is crucial for beginners. It is the very first skill you need to master and if a paddle can help you with it, let it.

The spin is also fairly decent and would allow you to make your mark in the game and polish your skills. Its rubber is ITTF approved which is a pretty great achievement.

Speaking of rubbers, the rubbers are also replaceable. So in case, they don’t fit your style, or it’s about time you changed them, you can easily do so.

What’s Bad?

A few complaints have been registered that the rubber isn’t exactly very sticky so it may come off. Other issues include low speed. The speed, however, isn’t exactly low, but it’s not too high either.

It has also been reported to be a little heavy so it may tire you earlier.

  • Great control
  • Good Spin
  • ITTF-Approved rubber
  • Replaceable rubber
  • Affordable
  • A little heavy
  • Not great for speed
  • Rubbers may come off


The final word on this dictates that Palio Expert 2.0 is a great racket for those who are just starting off the game. It will help the players get good control, generate fair spin, and master their techniques. It is also fairly affordable and comes with a protective case. The rubbers may be loose and the paddle may be a little heavy but the rest is all good.

4. Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racket

Eastfield Allround

Another great choice for beginners, or even advanced players who are looking to learn more techniques, is the Eastfield Allround paddle. It gives excellent control while offering a decent enough spin. This means it may not be as fulfilling when it comes to speed but that is not a beginner’s problem.

This is a high-quality bat that features extremely durable and gripping rubbers. It is specially built to give players control and comfort. Since it is a high-quality paddle, it is also a little pricey.


Eastfield Allround is a custom-made paddle that fits perfectly with the needs of beginners. Usually, paddle targets players of different styles but this one is known to be suitable for all.

The blade is constructed with 5-plies of wood, which means 5 layers offering you control and comfort. Over the blade, there is a soft sponge of 2.1mm thickness.

As for the rubbers, they are grippy and generate a good spin.

What’s Good?

There is plenty that is great in this paddle. First, it is pretty suitable for players of all types, especially beginners. Even the advanced players looking to master their strokes can benefit from this paddle.

What makes this bat a suitable match for beginners is that it’s fairly forgiving. Put in simpler terms, this paddle allows for a greater margin of error. So even if you do not get your stroke right, there is still a chance that the ball will land on the table.

Not only does it offer great control but also stability and comfort. It also helps players with blocking. It is a high-quality and durable paddle. So if you invest once, you’d be happy to know that this sturdy paddle will stick around for a while.

The rubbers are tacky and help you generate a good spin. They are also ITTF- approved. It comes with a customized case to help you keep it safe.

What’s Bad?

Great control comes at a price and the price here is often the speed. To generate more power and speed, you would need to invest physical strength because the paddle isn’t designed for speed.

It is also slightly heavier in comparison to other paddles but the heaviness may also give you better control over the bat.

Another negative of this paddle is that it’s pricey. However, since it’s custom-made, it is still less expensive than most custom-made. Plus, it is high quality so the money is worth it.

  • Replaceable rubbers
  • Great control
  • Decent speed
  • Comes with a cover for protection
  • Expensive
  • A little heavier
  • Not great speed


Eastfield Allround is a good choice for beginners and learners. It offers ultimate control, great spin, and a good margin of error. The rubbers are ITTF approved so you can take it to an international tournament. However, it is not great for speed. If you are a little tight on the budget, this may be costly. Otherwise, it is a fair enough choice.

5. Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle


Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle is one of the top-rated professional rackets that has been received with much love among the players. It makes an ideal paddle for beginners, enabling them to master their techniques and strokes. What is unusual about this paddle is the excellent balance that it offers.

More than often you might have seen that the paddles are either designed for speed or for control. However, Idoraz Paddle is designed to offer you a great balance between both. Not only that, but its ability to generate spins is also splendid. This makes it really suitable for recreational players.

Idoraz comes packaged in a neat box. Additionally, it carries a cover in which you can strap and keep your paddle safe.

It is a high-quality product. It may not be the cheapest paddle but it is budget-friendly.


The blade of Idoraz paddle is constructed from pure wood, thus complying with the ITTF’s rule of blades being 85% natural wood. This construction allows the paddle to offer the best of speed, control, spin as well as balance.

The paddle weighs as low as 0.4lbs. Its lightweight will make your game certainly easier.

Over the blade, there is a 2.0mm thick sponge. The rubber is ITTF approved, so you can definitely take this in international tournaments. It is grippy and allows you to generate a great number of spins.

The handle is flared and offers a better grip.

What’s Good?

To name a few, this bat is a perfect option for those looking for a balanced paddle. It is highly rated for its spin generation and is loved for the balance it offers between speed and control. You will love the power it generates.

This paddle makes it easier to loop the ball from mid to far distance.

The paddle is constructed under the guidance of ITTF rules, giving a natural wood touch. Plus it has an ITTF-approved rubber. The rubbers are sticky and give you a better ability to spin.

Other plus factors include high quality, lightweight, and a reasonable price.

What’s Bad?

It isn’t much wrong with this paddle. Reviewers have raved about it. However, the issue that they have found is the length of the handle which appears to be short. There also have been some complaints regarding an annoying glue smell.

  • High quality
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Protective case
  • Great balance between speed and control
  • Impeccable spins
  • 30-day warranty
  • Short handle
  • May have smell


If you are a beginner or a recreational player or simply a learner who is looking for a bat that can give you a balance of speed and control, this is the one. It also allows for great spins and offers immense power. It is ITTF approved, so that makes it up to the mark. However, be sure to check if the handle suits your hand. It has been reported to be shorter than standard. If found troublesome, you can return it within 30 days.

6. STIGA Apex Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket:

Stiga Apex

For good performance in ping pong, along with experience and skills, the right racquet is essential. STIGA Apex is a performance-level Table Tennis Racket with ITTF approved drive inverted rubber. STIGA has ACS Technology, which improves control and enhances your game.


STIGA Apex comes with the S5 Rubber, which is a bit tacky, but it does not lose its tackiness with time. It provides good spin to the ball as well as great control in the game. The STIGA ACS Technology aids in this. It has microscopic air capsules in ultra-light rubber for maximum elasticity and outstanding control. It is the ITTF Approved Drive Inverted Rubber.

It has a sponge of 2mm thickness, which gives more power to the paddle. The thick sponge brings more impulse between the ball and paddle and makes it perfect to play powered shots.

STIGA Apex features Crystal Technology which hardens the blade, providing incredible power and speed. Layers of carbon also improve the rigidity and response of the racquet. It has a 5-ply extra light blade, which provides more strength to the paddle and ensures speed and spin. Its wood components are very nicely layered and their lightweight increases speed.

It has a Concave Italian composite handle. The Italian composite handle balances the blade. It also provides control and comfort during the game.

It’s ‘WRB’ technology shifts the balance of the blade to the point of contact with the ball, decreases the rate of recovery after each stroke and the handle provides extra sensitivity of touch.

What’s Good?

It has an S5 Rubber that improves spin and control. It has ITTF approved rubber for the professional game. Hard blades provide unmatchable speed. Which helps you to dominate your opponent. The thickness of its sponge makes it perfect for power shots.

It provides amazing speed, control, and spin at a very reasonable price. This racquet is perfect for the beginner or intermediate level.

What’s Bad?

It is a fine choice for a beginner or intermediate level player. But it is not good for advanced players since the paddle does not deliver much in terms of power and speed. It is not suitable for offensive table tennis games.

Rubber peels off in some cases, after considerable use.

  • Great spin and control.
  • Amazing speed because of a 5-ply extra light blade.
  • Durable
  • The tackiness of rubber adequate to give an amazing spin and control in-game, when the ball collides with the racket.
  • Affordable price.
  • Rubber might peel off after a few months of use.
  • Not suitable for offensive players.
  • Low speed hence not suitable for advanced players.


STIGA Apex is a performance level table tennis Racquet. It provides amazing spin and control at a very affordable price. It is a good value for the money. It is suitable for beginners and intermediate players.

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