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Killerspin Jet 600

For the intermediate to advanced players, here is another option. This one comes from the emerging brand of Killerspin. The Killerspin Jet 600 SPIN N1 is a premium ping pong paddle that presents you with a blend of a soft feel but with enough spring to deliver the needs of the hard-hitters.

Using three complementing types of wood, Killerspin offers one of the lightest and most balanced paddles with this racket.

In case you might have been wondering, yes this one also comes with a fancy case for protection. You can collect your scores, writings, and signatures in this box. Or it would make a pleasant present.


It has an exceptional speed rating. And you know what that means. Control would be a little hard to master. And specifically, for this reason, this bat is not fit for beginners.Out of the eight rackets in the Killerspin’s Jet series, Jet 600 is for the intermediate to advanced players. It is ITTF-approved, so no need to worry about the entry to professional tournaments. It has a 5-ply wood blade, a 2mm sponge on each side over which lies a Nitrx-4Z rubber.

JET600 Spin N1 is known for being one of the most balanced paddles in Killerspin’s line. It takes an edge over the other paddles by offering 3 different premium wood kinds. And that is not the end. The denseness of the wood makes it one of the thinnest paddles. It is also light-weighted. These features pave the way for the maximum feel for precision shots. Not only that, but it also allows for increased power when you need to let it loose.

Come along, let’s explore this further.


Killerspin Jet 600 is one of the eight paddles in the Jet series. It is also one of the most balanced paddles in the brand’s line. Killerspin has won hearts owing to its quality products and designs to appeal to the customer base. JET 600 is for intermediate to advanced players and contains the following features:

  • Level: Competition-Level Table Tennis Racket for intermediate to advanced players
  • Handle: Flared
  • Rubber: Nitrx-4Z rubber 
  • Sponge: 2.0 mm
  • Performance Ratings- Speed: 80 Spin: 90 Control: 85
  • Blade: 5-ply


The Blade of Killerspin Jet 600:

Constructed with a 5-ply all-wood blade, Jet 600 packs quite an enormous punch and allows you to unleash that extraordinary power in the match. Three different complementing kinds of wood are used for building this paddle. These woods are selected and combined together to enhance rigidity and give the most consistent surface.

On each side, there is a 2mm sponge that provides a good enough thickness to it. As for the rubbers, they are ITTF-approved and that screams quality.

The Rubbers of Killerspin Jet 600:

Killerspin Jet 600 features the extremely popular Nitrx-4Z rubbers on each side of the wood blade. This rubber is known to be very high tension. Put in simpler terms, it means that rubber carries increased power which causes the wood to ping off the face of the paddle and improve the speed. The rubbers on this racket are also known to be fairly tacky. They allow the paddle to grip the ball on the contact generating a good spin as well as countering your opponent’s spin.

That was all about the blade. Now let’s focus on the handle. The Jet 600 has a flared shakehand style handle, with decent size and an amazing grip. However, its size is slightly smaller than the typical handles. And if you are a player with larger hand size, this might be a source of discomfort.

The flared handle gives additional grip and stops the handle from slipping out of your hand when you aim for a power shot.

The handle’s weight combined with the weight of the paddle gives a nice aggressive balance, shifting the weight forward in your hand towards the head of the paddle. Speaking of the weight, Killerspin claims it is one of the lightest paddles in the Jet series. Most people love it. However, few people still find the paddle to be quite heavy.

So let’s take a look at the most striking features of the paddle:


This paddle is perfectly balanced like all good things should be. Although it does not excel in a single feature like the speed, control, or spin, as some reviewers believe, it offers a fair amount of all the features in a balance.

What stands out the most is the spin, which again as the name suggests is Killerspin! It is a good enough bat for the intermediate players. It is also ITTF-approved so you can take this paddle and enter the professional tournament.

Then again, the box, the pretty, pretty box. That’s always a plus. It not only gives your paddle a fashionable look, or makes it gift-worthy, but also offers protection for your paddle, and your memories.

Another good thing is the 30-day warranty. It doesn’t feel much but it’s still plenty. And most brands offer it as long as that.

Now, to the bad.


One of the most shinning downsides of this paddle is the price. You would have to spend a fortune to get your hand on this piece of goodness. The problem with the greater price is that most people don’t find the features to be as delivering as the price. Or they are simply afraid to invest big.

Secondly, weight. Contrary to the claims of the company, most reviewers do not agree with this paddle being light in weight. It is 175 grams and if you are not already accustomed to the heavyweight, you will find it wearing you out till you get used to it.

A short handle is another problem. Killerspin tends to make shorter handles. That is not comfortable for everyone.

Some reviewers believe that the paddle does not have enough power for aggressive attacks.

In a nutshell:

  • Balanced
  • Good Quality
  • Fancy case
  • ITTF-approved
  • 30-day warranty
  • Flared handle
  • Well-suited for intermediate players
  • Expensive
  • Short handle
  • Not enough power for aggressive players
  • Considered heavy

CONCLUSION: (Killerspin Jet 600)

Okay, so the final take on this one goes as a yes, to the intermediate players and no to the beginners. It allows for perfect balance. It makes a good enough gift. It generates a pretty good spin and offers decent enough speed and control.

It is ITTF-approved, that’s a big yes.

However, do keep the cons in mind before selecting because there are some limitations to the product, including the price. If you can invest, enjoy the game.

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