Stiga Raptor Review 2023

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Stiga Raptor

When it’s about finding the perfect paddle that can win you games, STIGA tends to come in the top list. The company has been winning hearts for years now and continues to baffle the players with its newer, improved, and quality products. Among such paddles is listed, Stiga Raptor.

Stiga Raptor appears more or less similar to the STIGA Pro Carbon. At least, on paper, they are one and the same. However, there a few differences between the two.

With excellent speed, a killing spin, and fair control, this paddle has been scoring high on the favorites scale. After the shock of the JET200, with vibrant colors, Stiga Raptor brings back the traditional red and black.

It is moderately priced, that’s another plus to add in its good books. Let us take a closer look at this sports goodness.


It is a high-quality, performance-level paddle that is moderately priced. It is tacky as well and generates exceptional spins. The IITF- approval makes the investment worth it since you can take it into the tournaments.Stiga Raptor is basically a promising paddle for intermediate table tennis players. It consists of a 7-ply blade, the wood that is used is light weighted. The S5 rubber is ITTF-approved. The sponge is 2mm thick providing a great balance between spin, speed, and control.

It is a relatively newer product. The handle is concave; that means good grip. As far as the rating is concerned, it has been rated fairly high by the reviewers. Some complaints have been registered, but isn’t that the case with every paddle?

Let’s put it under the microscope.


If you have read the previous reviews or used the products of STIGA yourself, it goes without saying that STIGA is the name of quality. They have been delivering quality equipment for years and the players have received them with much appreciation and applause. Moreover, their customer service is extremely helpful.

As for Stiga Raptor, here are a few features you need to know about:

  • Level: Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
  • Handle: Concave Pro
  • Rubber: S5 
  • Sponge: 2.0 mm
  • Performance Ratings- Speed: 99 Spin: 100 Control: 80
  • Blade: 7-ply


The Blade of Stiga Raptor

Stiga Raptor, pretty similar to Pro Carbon, is a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and advanced materials. This fairy light paddle of 1.2 lbs is a premade table tennis racket. Its 7-ply blade consists of 5 layers of balsa wood and 2 layers of carbon. The layers of carbon keep the paddle light-weighted while allowing you to generate exceptional speed and power.

Over the blade, there is a 2mm cushioning sponge. This thickness makes the ball ping off the face of the paddle giving a good amount of spin. The advanced players would find this very exciting. However, it is not so good for beginners.

The Rubber of Stiga Raptor

The rubbers used in Stiga Raptor are similar to those used in STIGA Pro Carbon and are loved all the same. This ITTF-approved 5S rubber offers you the opportunity to grasp your tricks and go around playing professionally.

These rubbers are manufactured with STIGA’s Nano Composite and ACS technology. This means that fibers are extremely strong. They contain tiny, microscopic pockets of air to give you more control.

Now, let’s divert our attention towards the handle. This is where Stiga Raptor takes a different course from STIGA Pro Carbon. The Stiga Raptor’s handle is a concave pro. That means it has a flared grip handle but with a tweak. Another noticeable aspect is the use of WRB technology in the handle. Basically, this means that the handle is hollow. This makes it lighter but not at the expanse of the balance.

With all this information, let’s head down to find what makes this paddle exceptional.


The first thing that often noticed about this paddle is its distinguishing appearance. After all, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is merely a cliché. We are humans and good designs tend to attract us. GUILTY as charged. Stiga Raptor, with its sleek designs, attracts many customers.

Now, the design isn’t the only thing that attracts customers. It’s not a hoax. The paddle itself is quite delivering. It generates an exceptional spin and a good enough speed.

Moreover, its construction makes it fairly light-weighted. Another plus is that it uses carbon technology. It also exhibits outstanding rubber tackiness.


So let’s talk about the features that require a bit of improvement or do not quite fulfill. First things first, this is not a paddle for beginners. You must have noticed, it generates a killer spin and the speed is fairly good too. That means that the beginners would have time trying to get it under control.

The handle, which is fairly light-weighted, seems to be feasible for some players. However, others have reported it to be a nuisance.

Among the complaints received, one is the claim that the logo on the side tends to come off. It can, however, be fixed with glue and steady hands. Some report that it is not as sturdy as others.

Another aspect which might turn you away is the price. Although it is moderately priced, if it doesn’t suit your budget, you would have to find other options.

  • ITTF-approved
  • Light-weighted
  • Excellent spin
  • Outstanding rubber tackiness
  • Awesome speed
  • Good control
  • Moderately priced
  • Logo issues
  • Not for beginners
  • Not as sturdy

CONCLUSION: (Stiga Raptor Review)

Toss a coin. What is it? The final word. This is an exceptional bat for intermediate players. It generates a great spin and offers good speed. With carbon technology, it appears very light weighted. The control isn’t bad either. Offensive players would also find this paddle well-suited for the playing style.

It is moderately priced, so if your budget allows, you may wanna take your game to another level with this amazing STIGA production. One thing though, if you are a beginner, this isn’t the paddle. Try to find other options

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