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Stiga Supreme

Another one for beginners! Now that here’s another option, and that too, from STIGA. STIGA Supreme is believed by some reviewers to be an upgrade to the STIGA Titan. This ping pong paddle is for beginners and intermediate players who are trying to master their strokes. Extremely light-weighted, this ITTF-approved shakehand style racket is best-known for its comfort and dexterity.

So, if you are a novice player or an intermediate one, who is looking to enter the serious game, you may wanna give this one a try. It is fairly affordable, delivers moderate performance, but what you need at the beginning of your game is to master the control. In other words, your goal is to keep the ball at the table, not shoot big shots. Once you master that, you’re ready to give your opponents a challenge. That being said, this is not the paddle you want to take in a professional game. Yes, it is ITTF-approved, which means you can take it. But we wouldn’t recommend that.


Another beauty of STIGA, STIGA Supreme features an ITTF-approved rubber. It has an extra-light 6-ply wood blade lined with a 2mm sponge. Plus, it takes a little different approach when it comes to the rubber. The rubber it features is inverted. The handle is an anatomic Italian composite. As for the performance, it gives great control. That means speed wouldn’t be the most promising result. As for the spin, it generates a moderately fair spin. Having a good rating on Amazon, it has received applause from the reviews. Its design is best-suited for beginners and they will make the most of it.

Alright, time to break it down.


By far, you may have developed a fair idea about STIGA, that is- if you don’t know already. This company from Sweden that offers quality has been received with much love from the players. Here are some outstanding features of STIGA Supreme.

Stiga Supreme
  • Level: Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
  • Handle: Anatomic Italian composite with WRB system
  • Rubber: ITTF-approved, future inverted rubber
  • Sponge: 2.0 mm
  • Blade: 6-ply Extra Light, Tube technology, and Crystal Tech technology


The Blade Of Stiga Supreme

Okay, let’s start with the blade. STIGA Supreme features a 6-ply blade. The more layers there are, the less woody feels you’d have during the game. This extra-light blade with its high elasticity is designed to offer speed and control.

Furthermore, the blade is constructed with TUBE technology and STIGA’s unique Crystal Technology. As a result of this, the blade’s surface is hardened and ultimately, the paddle offers more speed.

The ‘Tube’ technology basically uses “micro-channels” built in the middle layer. To give the blade its desired characteristics, these channels are then filled with different materials to fit the requirements. The ‘crystal’ technology which gives the paddle enhanced speed uses a transparent hydrophilic gel lacquer, developed specifically by STIGA itself.

The Blade Of Stiga Supreme

The blade is cushioned with 2-millimeter sponge Rubbers which provides additional control for defensive games. This sponge, combined with the “Future” inverted rubber allows the player to hold the ball for longer, thus, increasing the control. The inverted rubber means that the smoother side faces the front, while the uneven, pimpled side is glued to the blade.

These constructing elements make the paddle fairly light-weighted. You can play the game for a longer interval. Alternatively, if you’re used to the heavier paddles, you’d notice the drop to just 140g.


Now, this paddle might not be a shining star in the eyes of an advanced or professional player but do not let that dishearten you from the product. It is designed specifically for beginners to be their partners and train them for an advanced game. With the Crystal and Tube technology, the paddle offers great control and decent spin. The speed isn’t so bad for the beginner either. Neither should speed be a concern for the beginner.

Among its other features, it is ITTF approved and that vouches for the quality of the product. The inverted rubber, the light-weight of the paddle, and all of these features attribute to the learning of the game. Other plus factors include a reasonable price. That is an eye-catching detail. It has a comfortable design. It is well-suited for the defensive players.


So the question is, who might find this paddle not fulfilling? Basically, intermediate to advanced players who are used to playing serious games. Moreover, it offers a good defense, which means if you are an offensive player, scroll to find other best-suited options.

That being said, let’s talk about power. This paddle doesn’t offer much power. Anyway, power isn’t the priority for beginners. There is also no warranty available for the paddle. So a little risk. The control may be good, but the speed and the spin aren’t the most promising traits and especially for the experts. It can generate a decent enough spin for serving but it can’t do much more than that.

Alright, so let’s build it up:

  • Good control
  • Lightweight
  • ITTF-approved
  • Good design
  • Affordable
  • Not much spin
  • Not much speed
  • Low power
  • No warranty


So what is the final verdict on this? You must have developed a fair idea by now. Beginners, try your luck. This one suits your needs and requirements. It is a good helper while you learn to master the techniques of the game. So you can use this to get a grip of the strokes and get yourself a ticket into the world of the serious table tennis game.

To some extent, the intermediate players can use it as well. If you are looking for a quality product that can serve you in your friendly games, and you’re low on the budget, you may wanna consider this one.

As for the third category, the defensive players, this design fits your needs. Although this is ITTF-approved, take the word for quality. However, it is recommended that you do not take this product to a professional or a serious game. It’s your choice if you want to; you have the ITTF’s blessing, but don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

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