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Stiga Evolution

STIGA Evolution, which lives well up to its name, is the closest pre-made ping pong paddle that you will get to a custom-made paddle. The most outstanding feature of this paddle is its exceptional control.

This racket is for intermediate players or beginners who are about to enter an intermediate phase. Owing to its great control, this paddle is well-suited for defensive players and the players who like to play closer to the table. Product of STIGA, a company that is well-known for its quality products, STIGA Evolution gives a satisfactory performance. It is a little pricey for a pre-made paddle; however, the quality it delivers justifies the amount.


The STIGA Evolution is for the evolving beginners, entering the realm of the intermediate. Basically, if you are among the advanced beginners and intermediate players, consider giving this a look. This paddle is designed for players who are looking for a bit more accuracy and wish to improve their stroke. This paddle offers great control; however, it is a bit lacking in terms of speed. This design was specifically made for the defensive players. So offensive players, be advised, find another paddle that fits your needs.

The STIGA Evolution features an ITTF-approved rubber for tournament plays. Moreover, it is extremely light-weighted, which is a good thing for some, bad for others. The STIGA Evolution consists of 2mm thick rubbers. The blade has 6 plies of wood and its handle features a Shock Dispersion Tube that spreads out the shockwaves evenly across the whole paddle.

Time to dive in!


STIGA has been among the top brands for its quality products. It has been making trusted goods since 1944. STIGA Evolution in this line has not disappointed. This paddle has the following features:

Stiga Evolution
  •         Level: Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
  •         Handle: Concave Pro
  •         Rubber: Premium
  •         Sponge: 2.0 mm
  •         Blade: 6-ply Light



The blade of the STIGA Evolution paddle is made of 6 plies of wood. Over the blade, is a 2mm sponge that feels just about right when the ball pings off the face of the paddle.


The rubber used in the construction of the paddle is ITTF approved. Unlike its counterpart, STIGA Pro Carbon, this rubber gives off a very soft feel. Basically, these rubbers use advanced crystal technology. There are countless microscopic air bubbles that serve to bind together the rubber fibers. This bond is a lot stronger than that of the regular rubbers and gives you more control over the ball. Also, the ultra-light rubber makes the paddle feel light as a feather.

These Premium rubbers are designed with an aim to train the players for a more professional style of playing by allowing them to play faster, with a greater spin and outstanding control.

Shock Dispersion Tube

As for the handle, it is a flared grip concave pro and uses additional technology. The handle has a ‘Shock Dispersion Tube’. So what is an SDT? It is a hollow part of the racket’s handle that is designed specifically to transfer the shockwaves that are created when the ball hits the bat. Its purpose is to spread them out as evenly across the whole racket as possible.

Since this tube is not typically a part of the paddles, it requires some getting used to. Plus the hollow handle makes the paddle very light, which can let you play longer without fatigue. Alternatively, it can also mean the weight is more concentrated in the blade and may disrupt the balance.


The first thing to notice about this piece of magic goodness is the control. If you are an advanced beginner, you’d probably prefer a paddle that gives you more control. And STIGA Evolution is here to serve.

The great precision that this paddle offers, allows the defensive players, who are working on improving their techniques, to have more security in their shots. And the great part is that you don’t even have to compromise much on the power.

It also gives a decent amount of spin. The speed is not necessarily what you’d be looking for, but it is good nonetheless. Besides, you either get the speed or the control. As for the quality, it is of good quality and a durable bat.


Different players, different preferences. Although the lightweight handle is designed for supporting the even spreading of the shockwaves, it doesn’t sit right with everyone. In other words, some reviewers have problems getting used to the lightness of the handle.

The defensive players can enjoy this paddle well and nice, but the offensive and aggressive players would need to look for something else. This doesn’t quite serve in their department. Closer to the table is absolutely amazing, but if you are attempting distant shots, this might not quite deliver.

To sum it up:

  • Excellent control
  • Decent spin
  • ITTF-approved rubber
  • Great for defense
  • Good quality
  • Not for attacking players
  • Expensive


Okay, so what’s the final word on this? If you are an advanced beginner or intermediate player who likes to play on the defense and closer to the table, you would find this paddle to be quite promising.

Though it is a little pricey, do keep in mind it has ITTF-approved rubber. Besides, the quality is great so the investment is worth it. This paddle is actually quite highly rated and loved by the reviewers.

If you are a serious yet recreational player looking for stability, it is a good pick. However, if you are an aggressive or offensive player, this is not going to be your best pick. It gives better control at the expanse of speed. So you’d need to find a paddle that serves your needs instead.

Plus, if you are a beginner, only pick this if you love challenging yourself. And if you are a recreational player who does not intend to play seriously, do not spend too much on this. Buy a fairly good one for a lower price

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