15 Table Tennis Skills And Tips To Sky Rocket Your Game

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Every game has some tips and tricks which when followed can make you master the game like a pro. If you are a beginner or an intermediate table tennis player, this article will make you aware of a few tips and tricks which can make you a professional table tennis player and polish your skills, increasing your chances to win the game.

What Are The Basic Skills Of Table Tennis?

1. Invest in your Paddle

If you are planning on taking your table tennis game to a whole new level then the first and foremost thing you need to do is to invest in your paddle. A good quality paddle will not only provide you a good grip but also provide the right amount of spin required for hitting the ball. Once you buy a paddle, use it whenever you are playing table tennis, this will allow you to play a good game since you will have familiarity with your table tennis paddle.

2. Learn to hold the paddle in the right way

The way you hold the paddle will either make your game or break it for you. If you are a new table tennis player then holding the paddle in a shake hand style will work perfectly for you. This style will provide you a good grip over the paddle and will allow you to hit the ball with a nice spin making it easier for you to win the game.

3. Serving the ball is the key

If you want to earn good points easily then the way you serve the ball will make a difference in your score since this is the only time you can control the ball and decide where it will go. Utilize this chance cleverly. Strike the ball in such a way to confuse your opponent and give him minimum time to think about how he will strike the ball in return.

4. Watch up for your opponent’s shots

Observe the way your opponent hits the ball. Understand the spins and then deal with them. If the Opponent paddle is moving from low to high then it is a topspin, if the paddle is moving from high to low then it is a backspin, if it is moving from right to left then it is a right-side spin, and vice versa for the left to right.

5. Decide how you will move your paddle

If you move your paddle in such a way that it is facing downwards and you are striking the ball above its center then that spin would be a topspin. If the paddle is facing upwards and you are hitting the ball below its center then it would be a backspin. If you angle the paddle facing towards the right and strike the ball to the left of its middle line then it would be a right-side spin. On the contrary, if you angle the paddle facing towards the left and strike the ball to the right of its middle line then it would be a left-side spin.

6. Using the entire body can make a difference

Since we all know that every action has a reaction, therefore if you plan on doing the backswing then move your hips and shoulders in the backward direction and then forward towards the ball. This will allow you to hit the ball with much more frequency and give your ball a nice spin.

7. Warm yourself up before the game starts

Table tennis is a game in which your body weight is directly proportional to the injuries you will face. In order to reduce the chances of getting serious injuries, you should warm yourself up before the start of the game. This will help you play the game with a much higher frequency.

8. Always be ready

One should expect the unexpected while playing any game. The same is the case with table tennis too. You need to be ready all the time for your opponent’s serves and strikes. You should maintain a good ready position, when the opponent hits the ball, strike it with your paddle by moving towards the ball and then come back to your ready position.

9. Train yourself

Whenever a person starts up with a new skill, he needs to focus a lot on how to polish that skill. Likewise, in table tennis, once you learn the stroke, understand it, and perform it. The practice is the key. So keep practicing the stroke. In the beginning, you would have to focus on the stroke a lot but with practice, you will get used to the stroke and won’t require much time to think over it. Therefore, you need to practice until you need not think about with what stroke you are going to hit the ball.

10. Be consistent

There would be times when you will feel as if the game is too hard or the strokes are too complicated or maybe you aren’t making any positive progress. You shouldn’t give up at that time, stay focussed, and consistent. You surely will become a good table tennis player if you don’t give up and continue with your struggle.

11. Stop giving excuses

If you actually want to become a professional player then you need to be passionate about the game. Try not to give excuses to yourself like there is no one to play the game with. Since most of the table tennis tables are foldable and allow you to play with yourself so utilize them and play with yourself when no one is around to play with you.

12. Make your shots low

While practicing for table tennis, work on low shots. Make sure the ball bounces closer to the net, this will make it go at a lower angle on the opponent’s side, giving the opponent less time to think about the stroke and also s/he won’t be able to strike the ball with a high frequency.

Plus, the deeper your ball goes, the more defensive your opponent would be and the lesser number of options would be available for him to strike the ball.

13. Join a table tennis club

If you are a starter or an intermediate player, you need to learn and polish your table tennis skills. For that purpose, you might need professional help. Therefore, we suggest you join a table tennis club. It will not only polish your skills but will also motivate you in gaining more knowledge about the game.

14. Understand and deceive your opponent

The first and the foremost thing you need to observe about your opponent is that what are his weaknesses in the game. If you observe that they lose score during a backspin or topspin, you can use that in gaining score and increase your chances to win the game.

Every game can be won if you are good at deceiving your opponent. For example, if you are going to start the service, act like you are going to hit the ball with a topspin but as your paddle comes closer to the ball, strike it with some other spin, this will give your opponent less time to think and act.

15. Read the way your opponent’s serve the ball

Honestly speaking it is much harder than it sounds. Certainly, one can’t read someone’s mind to know what the next move would be but one can surely crack up a few moves the opponent is consistent in making. Observe the serves your opponent makes, you will find repetition since everyone knows their strengths and they make those moves again and again. Make the strength of your opponent his weakness. Once you are able to crack this up, the victory is definitely going to be yours.

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